Worth the hype: La Mer Skincare

Of all the luxury skincare brands out there, La Mer might be the most infamous. From the iconic white jar, to the incredibly luxe counters in department stores, we all recognize this prestigious brand. I’ve always been intrigued by their products and through work, I was able to get an itsy bitsy discount and was finally able to drop some coins and try some of their products!

Over the past six weeks, with the pandemic that’s kept us home bound , I’ve been able to take time and test five of their products! To me, focusing on my skincare and using incredible products like these from La Mer is a my of practicing self care.

Initial thoughts.

My expectations were that by the time I finished up all these skincare products, my skin would be as soft as the soft cream promised, hydrated, and luminous enough to rival your fave celeb’s glass skin selfie!

The cleanser. This truly put the luxe in luxurious! It lathers up and leaves my skin feeling oh so smooth. I’m however not one to advocate for spending so much on a product that literally goes down the drain. I will most definitely be enjoying every cleanse until I run out!

The serum: This was the priciest item and the one I was most excited about. It has their own brightening ingredient plus vitamin C so I was excited to get into it! I also tell friends to spend their money on an esthetician or a great serum! This did not disappoint. It’s a light milky texture that almost felt like a moisturizer. I loved using it daily and will definitely repurchase.

The soft cream. This may be the most popular moisturizer on the planet. Every body and their Aunty in and out of the beauty industry is obsessed with this moisturizer. I’d first heard about the magical properties of this cream in my teens but promptly scoffed at the price. I believe my exact words were “For that price, I may as well buy a new face”. Well it’s 2020, I don’t have a new face, and I’m in love with this cream. I feel fancy AF each time I use the little spatula, and I love how soft it leaves my skin.

The SPF: No skincare is worthwhile without sunscreen. This spf was super light and didn’t leave any white streaks! I’ll be going back to my Elta MD for the added skincare benefits but I did enjoy this.

The lip gloss: I’m a lip makeup junkie who has rediscovered her love for glosses! This left my lips plumped and gave me a great sheen. Definitely not worth the $75, but a purchase nonetheless.

Have you guys tried La Mer before? Which products were your faves?


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