Top 5 Summer Foundations

With the arrival of summer comes all the shine. As a combination oily gal, I have spent a lot of $$$ looking for the one foundation that will stand the test of the New York humidity! Find your new fave below!

5. Clinique even better foundation

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The best part about this foundation is the fact that it comes with SPF 15. The $28 price is also hard to beat. This foundation blends in so well and leaves a velvet matte finish. It also comes in a whopping 30 shades! I love using it in the spring but will also grab it every once in a while during the summer when I don’t want to go fully matte but want to keep the oil at bay.

4. Revlon Colorstay 24 hr foundation

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This foundation is a good dupe for the makeup forever foundation! It comes in an impressive 22 shades for a drugstore foundation and has amazing staying power. it seriously lasts all day/night and is great at keeping the oiliness away. The only downside to this is it does tend to feel a bit cakey if you pile on too much. One pump does the trick and covers your entire face beautifully.


3. Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able full cover foundation

I was so excited when this foundation dropped that it didn’t even hurt that much when I handed my card over to the Sephora associate for the hefty $55 price tag! This is truly a full coverage foundation. It’s the one I reach for whenever I want to go for a full fledged beat. It seriously lasts all day and keeps me matte for at least 8 hrs! I The only complaint is the price but a little dot spreads so much making the bottle last a long time. Also comes in 22 shades!

2. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +

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This was my first foundation and my first ever Holy grail piece of makeup. It is my perfect shade and it also has the most beautiful velvety finish. It also stays matte for hours and feels so light like you barely have anything on. The only reason it’s no longer my number one is because I found a great dupe for 1/6th the price! Make up for ever always make their products in a wide variety of shades so this foundation comes in a great 22 shades at $41!

1.  Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless

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This foundation was such a pleasant surprise that it’s currently my daily foundation and current HOLY GRAIL! I had seen all the hype around it when it first launched but whenever I made it to the grocery store, I was deterred by the shade range. The last shade at my neighborhood Target always looked a little too yellow and so I always passed. I gave it a go about two weeks ago with a fresh new beauty blender and haven’t looked back since! It’s a GREAT dupe for the MUFE mat velvet + and it’s only $6!!! It also lasts sooo long with my MAC primer and I’m seriously in love! It also comes in a great range of 32 shades. Six bucks and in 32 shades, you can’t beat this!

What are your favorite mattifying foundations?



  1. I really love the L’oreal Infallible Foundation. Is very affordable, as a nice coverage, and it’s very mattifying! I’ve never tried any of this ones, but they seem a great choice! Thank you! Xx

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