The tale of the scallops + first 24 hrs in Paris

Sooo…these first hours that I’ve spent in Paris have been one of the most exciting hours of my life. To recap, I arrived and officially breathed in French air at 9 am on January 16th 2014. Now of course I was smiling and showing all 32 of my teeth making all the native French look at me weirdly while perhaps musing who this weirdo smiling at 9 am was. Now getting my things at the airport was super easy and all I did for customs was walk through a door! (God bless that American passport). I then proceeded to head to the exit but before then, some ahem ‘creepy looking’ guys ( creepy because they were sneakily looking around for I assume the airport police) approached me and asked me in rapid French if I wanted a taxi. Now because I had done my research and had gotten advice from past study abroad students (merci Allie et Taylor), I knew that these guys were the underground taxi men who could potentially sell me like Liam Neeson’s daughter in Taken. Getting kidnapped wasn’t on my agenda in France so I quickly shuffled ahead with my 51lbs suitcase, backpack and duffle to the real taxi drivers. Once I got there I gave them the address of the ACCENT office (THREE TIMES, cuz je suis paranoid) and then relaxed and took in my first view of Paris.

IMG_2079 IMG_2078

my first photos of Paris

I arrived safely at ACCENT and was then told that the taxi fee was 50 EUROS( $76) which almost made me cry. But alas I had arrived, so I handed over 3 dresses worth of a taxi fee to the taxi driver. The day then ended with a walk around the neighborhood where I had my first baguette and shopped for the first time in Paris. P.S France is SUPER expensive and I pulled the brakes really hard on all my shopping plans once I saw basics went for 50 euros. Quelle d’hommage! I knew it’d be expensive because it’s Paris but I aint paying >50 euros for a tank top , not even if it’s super chic parce que c’est un tank Parisien 🙂

I finally made it to my host mum’s house at 6 pm where I met the “Gardienne” who’s a super nice woman wherein we proceeded to converse in French because you know it is France and I was congratulated on how my French “n’est pas horrible”#YASS. I moved in and my room is way better than I expected and met my host mum who is super sweet btw. She offered to make me dinner and I agreed when she said scallops because you know she said SCALLOPS! She asked me to “reposer” and I lied down for a bit but then woke up to confusing darkness and a clock that read 2am. Turns out I passed out while “reposer-ing” and MISSED THE SCALLOPS! ah well, c’est la vie.

I do have to say that even though I missed the scallops and was so exhausted, Paris had so far lived up to my expectations. And although all I could think of at 2am was how to ask my host mum the next morning if there were any left over scallops, I couldn’t help but smile because I was finally where I’d been dreaming of for years.

A tout a l’heure, Sameera 🙂


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