The Ordinary- Review Update

Ir’s been over three months since I reviewed a wide selection of items from The Ordinary. I’ve since fallen out of love with some of products and more deeply in love with others. Check out below which made the cut and which you shouldn’t add to cart.

  • Advanced retinoid 2%


This has climbed to the top of the the list of Deciem products! I absolutely love this retinoid! It doesn’t irritate my skin at all and has helped to make my skin so smooth over these past few months. I was always disappointed in retinol products as they irritated my skin and made me breakout. This however does not, and at $9.80 a bottle, is a godsend! Definitely will be repurchasing, 10/10!


  • Vitamin C suspension.


This Vitamin C serum unfortunately dropped to the bottom of the list. I did mention in my initial review that the granules in the serum that felt very uncomfortable and itchy once you started to spread it over your face. This continued to be an issue and resulted in me not touching the product in over two months! I’m still on the hunt for a great Vitamin C serum but until then, 5/10

  • Glycolic acid toner


This is also another favorite of mine. I have a love affair with glycolic acid, which I went into detail in this blog post, and so knew I was going to love this product. It has absolutely replaced my pixi toner and and is a staple in my nighttime skincare routine! I will definitely be repurchasing. 10/10

  • High adherence silicone primer


I found this primer okay when I first tried it, and I’m still at that stage. It’s perhaps best for people with drier skin types so I have it saved for the colder months. I have however tested it with the foundation that the brand released and it paired beautifully. For that, I’ll give it 8/10 but it’s not something I’d repurchase. I am arguably very picky about my primers though-evidenced here– so bear that in mind!

  • Caffeine solution 2%


Like all eye creams that I’ve tried, I ended up pushing this to the back of my skincare tray after a couple of weeks use. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good product, I simply didn’t want to bother with yet another product after five layers of toner, acid, active , serum and moisturizer. For that main reason I’ll stay with the original score of 7/10. It just didn;t give me a helleujah moment like the retinoid and gycolic toner did.

  • Niacanamide + Zinc 10%


I love having this in my arsenal of skincare products. I especially love pairing it with the alpha arbutin as I feel together they make my skin glowwwwww. I have since learned so much about this ingredient and will be making sure to look out for it in future serums/moisturizers. 10/10. Add to cart now!  Trust me.

Overall I’m still in love with this brand and owe them so much for all they’ve taught me about the ingredients that go into skincare products. The ordinary has stood out to me as a great brand that puts educating its customers at the forefront of every item they create.  They make great products, tell you how best to use them, why to use them, and even provide better gentler alternatives when they feel the product might be too harsh. I’m a total convert and will definitely be purchasing more and more things from the brand.They’ve definitely changed everything in my eyes!!

Have you bought anything from The ordinary before? What are your thoughts?

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