The Inkey List Vs The Ordinary

This spring, I was introduced to the Inkey list which according to their website is “here to empower you to find your perfect skin care recipe.” It seemed to me back then in April, after I indulged in quite a few of their products, that the brand had sprung out of nowhere. They basically did pop out of nowhere as they were founded just two years ago by a former beauty buyer and product developer from Boots. They took the UK skincare industry by storm and then proceeded to do the same in the US after launching on Sephora!

The brand is most comparable to The Ordinary business model which turned the skincare industry upside done by offering products with single or simple ingredients at a low cost. The duo admit to loving what The Ordinary has done but felt that there was still space in the Market. I found myself replacing all my The ordinary products with the The Inkey List after my first purchase and I’ll be sharing the three reasons why!

  • Packaging: I hate pipettes and the Inkey list have 0 pipettes in their lineup. This makes my skincare routine so much more enjoyable! Gone are the days where I have to twist and untwist and hold the slippery glass bottles precariously all to accidentally drop it and then have clean up Hyaloronic acid all over my floor! The Inkey List have a variety of packaging (tubes, pumps, tabs) but no pipettes! This makes my skincare routine so much less stressful and why I stopped reaching for The ordinary.
  • Concentration/Formulation/personal sensitivity: I found myself becoming more and more sensitive The Ordinary products and found that using comparable products from the Inkey List, left my skin much less sensitive products. Case in point is the L Ascorbic acid from The Ordinary. I used it religiously for months and ultimately had to stop because of how sensitive it made my skin. I switched to The Inkey List vitamin C however and never get a tingle! This has stayed consistent across all products so I had no reason to repurchase The Ordinary products!
  • The Inkey List’s Recipe builder is much more straightforward than The Ordinary: I loved following The Ordinary’s regimen guide back in 2017 but it simply got exhausting having to remember never to use their Azelaic Acid with the Ascorbic Acid or if Niacinamide was fine to use with hyalaronic acid. The Inkey List have taken all the stress out of the process and I’m never worries if I’ll cause a disaster on my face by switching things up! Their products also play much better together so I feel safe creating my own recipe!

I still have a lot of love for The Ordinary but I’m definitely moving on to The Inkey List. Hoping they’ll do a rejig of their packaging and formulas to tempt me back. Until then, it’s The Inkey List for the win!

Do you feel the similarly about both brands? Or are you a die hard The Ordinary fan? let a girl know!

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