The best lip balms for my girls with a lot of real estate 😜

So I have big lips…they’ve been with me my entire life. They were big back in Africa where majority have bigger lips, so you can imagine how big they are here in the N Americas. 😜 Not only are they big, they’re plumpy too, exhibit A:

My main point is that I have needed a lot of lip balms in my lifetime. Therefore, I think of myself as a teensy lil expert when it comes to choosing the best balms to moisturize your lips!

  1. Clinique super balm

This is a great option for the winter months when you need a jolt a moisture. It’s a $17 tube and truly leaves my lips moisturized for ages. The only gripe I have with this lip balm is the fact that it’s never in stock! I guess that must mean people really love it and can’t get enough of it!!

  1. Aquaphor lip repair

This was a lip ointment that worked so well until it didn’t. It was touted to me as being the best lip balm ever! However I find in the winter it doesn’t spread or sink evenly when I put it on. It sits on the lips looking ashy and doesn’t do anything to help my parched ass lips!

EOS new reformulated lip balm

This brand has had a constant presence in all my purses. This particular formula I absolutely love as it always brings my lips back to life! There are a wide variety of lip balms from EOS but my favorite are the plain flavors, and theses duo sticks. They are absolutely worth more than the $4 price tag and I always ALWAYS, recommend them to my faves!

  • Jack black lip balm

This is an amazing lip balm and one that I always have in my purse! It does the job and then some. It’s also very reasonable for a premium cosmetic brand ($8)! I loved that they created the lip balm in so many flavors and I would say run, don’t walk and pick this up.

  • Smith’s Rosebud Salve

This is just overpriced Vaseline. And like Vaseline on MY lips, it was a mess from the moment I put it on. It slides right off my lips and doesn’t provide ANY moisture. The only time I use it is when I have on a dry liquid lipstick and need to take it off midway through the day. The greasy balm helps me slide all the liquid lipstick right off and then I go right ahead and put on my EOS balm.

What are your favorite lip balms especially in these winter months?


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