Top 5- Fall Lipsticks 

MAC retro matte liquid lipstick in ‘Uniformly Fabulous’

This is my favorite dark lip for this season! It applies so opaquely and stays on all day post greasy lunch and dinner! I usually have to reapply post lunch around the edges but it doesn’t leave my lips feeling tight and uncomfortable.



NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Vancouver’

This is the perfect purple soft matte lipstick. It doesn’t last all day like the MAC retro matte lipsticks do but it feels so comfortable! It is also very flattering for a wide variety of skin tones and makes me feel like a purple unicorn each time I wear it!!


Colorpop matte liquid lipstick in ‘Lax’

As far as liquid lipsticks go, color pop were the OG. They also have one of the lowest price points and have one if the widest shade ranges out there. They’re not the most comfortable but last all day! This shade, especially makes me feel like a baWse whenever I wear it!



MAC lipstick in ‘Rebel’

This was my first dark lipstick ever and it has stood the test of 7 years of repurchasing to be in my faves! I love the berry purple shade of this lipstick and the stain it leaves behind! I’m nota fan of satin lipsticks but this one feels like a velvet matte finish and lasts longer than a typical satin lipstick.



NARS velvet matte lip pencil in ‘train bleu’

This is my favorite NARS lip product mainly because of the incredible aubergine color and the ease of application. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like but the fact that it’s a pencil which means I don’t need a lip liner before applying makes it easy to take it and reapply all day!!

Honestly, 75% of the reason why I love the fall season so much is because I get to wear all the deepest darkest lipsticks without anyone batting an eye! To be honest, I do wear ‘uniformly fabulous’ during the summer months however, I feel way more comfortable wearing these lipsticks while snuggled up in all the burnt orange knit sweaters, leather jackets, and Chelsea boots!!

What are your favorite fall lipsticks?


I’ve always had a love affair with lipstick. This affair has however dramatically changed ever since I moved to Brooklyn.

It all started at the Mac counter when I went in to make use of my employee discount for the first time. I had already picked up everything that was on my list (fix plus, blot powder, night moth lip liner etc.) when I did a last look through their matte lipsticks and discovered ‘Instigator’. This lipstick which is a described as a “deep blackened plum” on the Mac website was the winter shade that I was yearning for. I already had Cyber, Rebel and Train Bleu by Nars in my arsenal but I couldn’t pass it up! I can describe instigator on people with ebony skin like myself as a deep plummy purple. It’s lighter than Cyber but not as purple as Heroine yet not as Berry as Rebel. In short it was filling a hole in my lipstick stash that I never knew I had!



Instigator with Nightmoth lip liner

Pairing it with night moth was perfection and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I have also been switching it up on weekends when I’m not in the office with even darker shades in the form of matte liquid lipsticks such as Colourpop’s Guess and Lax.

Guess by Colourpop
Lax by Colourpop

I have now completely embraced the fact that I am one of those people who will wear dark berry lipstick in all kinds of weather.

Guess, Zipper,Silhouette,Tulle, Limbo, Kapow

Which are some of you favorite autumnal lipstick shades?