Skincare shelf update with reviews

With Miss Rona currently still keeping a firm grip on the the globe, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. So much so that I’ve made a list of things to do around the house, and have been ticking them off one at a time! (Flips braids).

On my spring cleaning list was my skin care cupboard, which the internet aptly named a shelfie. After posting some of the products in my regime that I was going through, I got a few questions on some of the products and have decided to post a rapid fire review on the items

Elta MD suncreen: favorite sunscreen of all time. It goes on clear which is essential for all my melanin-ness, and it has Niacinamide which is a powerhouse ingredient which helps improve uneven skin tone & texture.

Weleda skin food: every blogger and their aunt has talked about how much they love this product. For me, it was a miss as it caused my face to breakout into tiny little bumps. My skin couldn’t handle the richness of this cream so I exclusively use it on my lips as a mask or on my elbows and heels.

Mac Oil Cleanser: Best oil cleanser I’ve ever used. I really don’t like cleansing balms in jars that I have to dig into and fight to dissolve the balm. This smells heavenly and melts all my makeup off instantly.

Belif Moisturizer: This was a great moisturizer for the winter because whew, it packs a punch. As it gets warmer though, I’ve noticed my T zones getting shinier and not in the glass skin way. Due to the incessant amount of oil that this produces, it’s a meh for spring summer but a love for winter

Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM: now this is the holy grail toner for beauty editors everywhere however I think I’ll be going back to the original formula and not the pigmentation focused one as I didn’t see a big difference.

La Mer Brightening serum: this has been a delight. I have a whole blog post dedicated to La Mer incoming soon. Loving it

Garnier micellar water: Best micellar water I’ve tried so far. it takes off everything in one swipe! Loved it

Shiseido eye cream: Current favorite eye cream. You wanna know why? Check out my ode to brightening products post here where I laud the eye cream

Shiseido cleanser: really great at removing everything while leaving my skin supple. Overall, it’s a good cleanser but I’ll be replacing with a glycolic acid cleanser or a hydrating cleanser once finished.

Kiehl’s Vit C serum: A complete dud for me. Apparently this was reformulated which is a pity because I was so ready to love this!

Caudelie Vinoperfect Serum: Don’t get the hype about this at all. Didn’t work for me at all. Not a cell on my face was brightened. Skip this and get a variety of The Ordinary serums.

herbivore prism oil: love how light this is. It sinks into the skin so quickly and I love that it’s not greasy and doesn’t feel like most traditional oils. Highly recommend if you’re into oils

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