I’ve always had a love affair with lipstick. This affair has however dramatically changed ever since I moved to Brooklyn.

It all started at the Mac counter when I went in to make use of my employee discount for the first time. I had already picked up everything that was on my list (fix plus, blot powder, night moth lip liner etc.) when I did a last look through their matte lipsticks and discovered ‘Instigator’. This lipstick which is a described as a “deep blackened plum” on the Mac website was the winter shade that I was yearning for. I already had Cyber, Rebel and Train Bleu by Nars in my arsenal but I couldn’t pass it up! I can describe instigator on people with ebony skin like myself as a deep plummy purple. It’s lighter than Cyber but not as purple as Heroine yet not as Berry as Rebel. In short it was filling a hole in my lipstick stash that I never knew I had!



Instigator with Nightmoth lip liner

Pairing it with night moth was perfection and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I have also been switching it up on weekends when I’m not in the office with even darker shades in the form of matte liquid lipsticks such as Colourpop’s Guess and Lax.

Guess by Colourpop
Lax by Colourpop

I have now completely embraced the fact that I am one of those people who will wear dark berry lipstick in all kinds of weather.

Guess, Zipper,Silhouette,Tulle, Limbo, Kapow

Which are some of you favorite autumnal lipstick shades?

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