Le ‘big chop’

Yes, yes, this is yet again a blog post of a black woman talking about a dramatic change in her life surrounding the topic of hair. I have indeed joined the hundreds, nay thousands or perhaps even millions? of women who have ditched the relaxer to wear their natural hair.

This is a decision that I made after years, yes YEARS of deliberation. I loved weaves and will probably get them in the future but I had just had enough and wanted to know what I would look like if I stopped with the Olive Oil relaxers. It is important to note that this isn’t the first time that I’ve decided to go natural. It is actually the third time.

The first time was in junior high school when I was still living in The Gambia and I just woke up one day and told my mum that I wanted to stop having relaxers in my hair. My mom was completely against the idea but I went ahead to an aunt or cousin and had her scissor or all the relaxed bits. I however didn’t know what to do with my hair afterwards and simply wore turbans or scarves anytime I left the house. This grew to be exhausting and I succumbed to the call of the relaxer while at a salon getting my hair done for Eid celebrations when the hair stylist told me she simply couldn’t do natural hair.

My second dance with the big chop came a year and a half ago during winter break of y sophomore year of college in the US where I once again felt sick and tired of all the weaves and hair relaxers and the burns that came along with the relaxers and decided to grow out my hair. This led to perhaps the worst tangled mess the next time I took out some braids because my hair was two different textures. I succumbed once again and got a relaxer but this one left me feeling a little bit guilty.

The final and current attempt is the one that I’m most confident about because I’m 20 years old now and therefore think and hope that I’m mature and knowledgeable enough to handle it. I decided to chop it all off this time because I’m in the process of packing to go back home to Minneapolis after spending 3.5 months in Paris studying abroad and I wanted to do something monumental before leaving this remarkable city.

So I got on the metro, went to little Africa aka chateau d’eau, and had a barber raze off the relaxed parts. I will admit that it wasn’t the cleanest most professionally done big chop, but at the time it was exactly what I wanted, which was to just get it chopped off!

Here are some pictures of the aftermath. Wish me luck!



New lipstick and pose after le chop
Day two after le chop


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