I vacationed in Spain & Morocco for 10 days, and only brought 10 skincare & makeup products!

A friend of mine got married in Morocco this past weekend, and I fully took advantage of the cheap European flight prices, and stretched it to a 10 day trip!

Because most of the eight flights (YES EIGHT) were with budget airlines, I was really constrained in terms of baggage weight. I could only travel with a cabin bag of 10kg so when I tell you I edited, I truly did edit.

First thing that made it to my Space NK travel bag was my Clinique foaming cleanser. I trust this to completely clear my skin of dirt and all the grime that comes from travelling so a travel size version of this was an easy add.

An important thing for me was a very hydrating moisturizer so another Clinique fave in the form of the dramatically different gel + was what I chose for a moisturizer. It sinks easily into the skin and I’ve been using this ever since I stepped into the realm of skincare at the age of 16.

These individual packet sized serums were PERFECT for traveling! I used them at JFK before my six hour flight to Madrid, in Lisbon when we were stuck for six hours at a help desk, and each time it was so incredibly satisfying. I can’t live without glycolic acid and these M61 bad boys helped give me an added bonus of keeping my skin clear after so much travelling! Previously, I’d always break out after flying but not this trip! All thanks to my beloved glycolic peels pads! 10/10!

Deciding on a sunscreen was the hardest part! I couldn’t bring my regular favorite (Lancôme Bienfait APF 30 moisturizer) as its in a heavy ass glass bottle, so I went on a hunt for a replacement that wouldn’t leave me with the ashy cast that plagues dark skin girls when it comes to sunscreens. I landed on “Unseen Sunscreen” by goop as it left not a ashy speck in sight after a generous dollop. I took it with me however it exploded after three days and I had to borrow some of my friends “Neutrogena sheer defense SPF 45” which worked beautifully.

Because of the liquid limit, i couldn’t bring most of my regular makeup so I opted for sticks and powders. My favorite was this stick as it has a matte finish which was a lifesaver in the Madrid heat wave that we landed in. Added bonus is that I have the same shade (540) as Lupita!

Choosing a brow product was super easy. I grabbed the new ABH brow gel in Ebony and kept it moving.

I specifically brought this gorgeous penny colored highlighter to multi use all over my body and boy did it deliver! Clavicles were glowing, décolletage was beaming, and cheekbones were glistening for the GAWDS! I have an over abundance of highlighters thanks to working in beauty, so choosing “PennyForYouThots” as my only highlighter for this trip was huge and 100% the right decision!

Choosing which lip to bring almost brought me to tears. If you know me, you know I LIVE for lips. I kept it together though and chose a gorgeous dark brown lipgloss from Mac cosmetics’s new nude lipgloss range which was a perfect nude for me. I then brought a super new lipstain that I picked up on a whim from “Kaja” in the shade “Cashmere” . I blotted it on my lips in Madrid when I wanted a hint of color on the lips, and went full on in Marrakech when we visited the YSL museum.

Wearing Cashmere lipstain

I got braids specifically for the trip so all I brought with me in terms of hair products was my leave in spray with some hair oils added in for sealing and some hair gel to keep my hairs laid on days I could be bothered.

For perfume, I’d bought a super small Diptyqye hair mist to take with me but after squeezing and forcing and too much whining, I had to leave it behind and take a random sample of perfume I had . I ended up using lavendar and Jasmine oils that I’d bought in the Médina in Fez anyways which worked out perfectly. I never thought I liked Jasmine but I couldn’t stop rolling it all over my pulse points all throughput the trip!

Overall, the weight and liquid limit was very hard but it made me curate what I really couldn’t live without for 10 days. This ended up being my best beauty packing trip experience yet and I’m applying the same editing mindset to my beauty shelf at home.

Have you guys had to travel with the bare beauty necessities for a long trip? What made it in your precious 1L TSA approved bag then?

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