How I’m dealing with my quarantine breakout

After hearing from a resounding number of friends on the amount of breakouts they’ve had, I’ve realized that the quarantine breakout is real! Read below to see how I’m dealing with my Qurantine acne!

Full disclosure, I’m not a dermatologist nor an esthetician! These tips are based solely on my experiences dealing with my oily/combination skin and the ridiculous amount of time I spend reading about skincare.

First things first, consult your dermatologist. I’ve been able to check in with mine virtually and although I was skeptical at first, it was helpful to get confirmation from the pros that it was indeed a stress breakout. This eliminated the remaining quarantine anti acne skincare purchases I wanted to make. Knowing it’s mostly due to stress is also helping me stay patient as I wait for these weird pimples to GTFO.

Second, check your cloth or medical face mask. I recently got a cloth mask and although it’s better for the environment and it’s reusable, I realized that my nose and cheeks where my mask touches the most were the worst affected areas. I’m still going to use my cloth mask but I’ll be washing it by hand daily going forward vs every two days!

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Next, check your diet. I’ll be the first to admit it. Comfort eating has been my jam. With all the things that have been happening over these past months, I’ve fallen off my clean eating plan and have seen the results on my face. This isn’t true for everyone but if you find yourself with breakouts you’ve never had before, think back to what you’ve been eating.

Second, add salicylic acid to your regimen. It’s one of the top recommended ingredients for breakouts and for good reason! It’s a BHA meaning it’s an exfoliant, and it’s s perfect for people with oily skin because it removes excess oil and reduces whiteheads! I incorporated it in my routine through the best acne treatment from Clinique and the Mario Badescu drying lotion! My favorite addition however has to be the Differen gel which I’ve heard great things about so far in terms of acne treatments. I can’t wait to share my results!

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Finally, be patient! Your skin like every other part of your body that gets broken, needs time to heal. I know it sucks to see a face you can’t recognize but this is temporary and will heal and fade away!

Are there any other things that you’ve found helpful while dealing with your quarantine breakout? I’m all ears!


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