Favorite Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks

I’ve been all over the place this week (hello quarantine week 9), and have found makeup to be a great outlet. I’ve dug into so many of my old makeup favorites and have since rediscovered my love for Mac lipsticks. Back in 2012, Ruby Woo was my first high end lipstick purchase and eight years later, it’s still my #1. I was so happy to put it on again and decided to look for all my old favorites and put them in a blog post.

Ruby woo: Obviously my #1. Touted as the universal red color for women all over the globe. Fun fact, the creation of this iconic shade was a complete mistake! The team was trying to update Russian Red’s formula and ended up with Ruby Woo. 21 years later, it’s the #1 lipstick in the world with a tube sold every nine seconds!

Instigator. I love a good dark lip and this has been my go to for years! It’s a matte finish but it’s not as drying as Ruby Woo. It also has a purple undertone which gives it some dimension so it pops on the lips. It also lasts a really long time!

In My Fashion. My perfect brown lipstick. I searched high and low for a lipstick that completely brown and one that was dark enough to match my skintone. Tens of lipsticks bullets later, I was successful when I found this lipstick. It’s sadly discontinued but you better be sure that I’ll be using my last tube to the knob.

Relentlessly Red. This is what I wear when I want to make a statement. It’s such an incredible bright red that I have to wear lip liner each time I wear it. It’s also very matte which makes it hard to put on but I soldier on for the turned heads. Highly recommend.

Joie de Vivre: This is my newest Mac lipstick and I’m obsessed. It’s a brand new formula and finish and feels amazing for anyone who suffers from dry lips. Added bonus for the bullet which is deco packaged and matches the color of the lipstick.

Flat out Fabulous: This is my one and only bright pink lipstick. It’s super matte and makes me feel like a fun spunky 20 year old. It also last forever on my lips but beware, your lips will need A LOT of TLC after you wear this.

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