Worth the hype: NARS cosmetics

NARS has been a favorite of mine as far as luxury makeup brands go and I have a staple number of products that I always repurchase. In this new series called Crème de la crème, I’ll be sharing the best of from a certain brand. Keep reading for my favorite NARS products below.

Blush in Taj Mahal


This blush is an absolute must have for dark skinned women! It adds such a luminous glow to your cheeks. It always makes me look happy and chirpy and fresh whenever I wear it! You also get so much in one little blush pan and it lasts so long. Run and go get it!


Velvet matte skin tint



This is the one and only BB cream that I bought and absolutely loved! It has such great coverage with the most beautiful finish. It feels so lightweight on that I always forget that I have it on. It also is mattifying which is another bonus and has SPF 30!I love using it in the spring because it has a soft matte finish. It comes in 12 shades which is huge for a BB cream range. Absolutely recommend it!


Velvet matte lipstick pencil in Train Bleu


The velvet matte lip pencils are a favorite of beauty lovers everywhere but my favorite  is train bleu. It is a deep eggplant color that absolutely ticks all my dark purple boxes. It goes on so smoothly on the lips and feels so comfortable. They just came out with new shades that I can’t wait to try!

Soft matte concealer


The soft matte concealer is the newest addition to the NARS collection and it’s a standout! I honestly never got what the fuss was about with under eye concealers until I tried this. I don’t have dark circles but I do tend to get puffy creasy under eyes every once in a while. I used to wear the L.A girls $1.99 concealer and it worked beautifully. It did slip around during the day but I was content because I didn’t know what I was missing. The first time I tried this soft matte concealer, I was blown away. I had never seen a concealer be so blurring and matte. I made my under eye area look filtered and flawless! I am now a convert with under eye concealers and can’t imagine life without this gorgeous little tub!

Do you guys have any NARS faves?




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