Sun’s out Glow’s out!

New York’s still pretending we’ll never get summer with these drab 50 degree days but I choose to believe that any day now, I’ll be ready to get out my reformation summer dresses and all the straw bags I didn’t need to buy for the summer. To make the change from spring to summer official, below are five swaps I’m making to get my skin summer ready!


Primers, Primers, Primers!


This is the biggest change I make when it comes to my makeup! Since I’ve been cursed with the oiliest of T-zones, I always get the most mattifying primer when the weather starts heating up. The one I’ve been using is the Becca matte primer which doesn’t leave a dry white caste like most matttifying primers.(*ahem *ahem Makeup forever and Urban Decay primers *ahem *ahem). The Becca primer is amazing for both liquid and powder foundations and keeps me matte for the entire work day!


Holy Grail MUFE velvet matte foundation


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.00.53 PM

When I die, kindly slather me in my holy grail foundation please. Not only does this give me the medium full coverage look I look for in foundations, it also has a velvet matte finish (just like the name suggest!) and has me feeling confident each time I leave my house. It doesn’t last alllllll day long, but I don’t mind blotting during the day as its finish is heavenly! Ladies, run don’t walk to your nearest Sephora to get yourself a 1 oz tube!


De-greasing toner


I love my skincare staples like any beauty junkie. However toners are an item which I always tend to forget!! I know I know, how can I forget my skincare ABCs aka cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, eye cream. It’s not that I forget per say, it’s that I’m so excited for my serums that I skip right over toning. I’ve however been training myself and went ahead and switched over to the very summer appropriate Murad hydrating toner to prep my skin for my cosrx serum. Now you might be thinking, “Sameera, why on earth would you be using a hydrating toner when you’re trying to be matte?” Because lovely reader, adding hydration to the skin actually helps combats le grease. When I give my skin the moisture it so thirstily needs, it doesn’t work as hard to create “moisture” in the form of oil. If my words don’t convince you to grab a bottle of this toner, maybe a stamp of approval from the godmother of skincare Caroline Hirons  might?


Anti-Clogging Clay Cleanser


While every Sunday Riley fan might be losing it over the brands new influencer foundation (review coming soon), I actually am losing it over her ceramic slip clay cleanser! Now the $45 price tag is nothing to laugh at so THANK YOU MACYS EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT! However, the cleanser is performing well above my expectations. I was a little skeptical after reading its rating on beautypedia, so I’ve been thoroughly and pleasantly surprised at how well I’m liking the cleanser. The reason why I forked out for this pricey 5oz cleanser was because of the fact that it contains clay which is great at deep cleaning and getting rid of clogged pores which is essential in these hot and muggy New York streets! My final opinion is that this cleaner is great for the summer when you need to keep those pores tight!


Summer Scent


I love my deep, musky spicy winter scents but even I put them on the shelf once the highlighters and rompers come out. Changing my scent to a lighter, fruitier version always gets me in the mood for rooftop happy hours and park picnics. My summer scent during my high school days consisted of victoria secret and pink body splashes but I’ve since graduated to longer lasting perfumes. This summer, my go to flirty summery scent is none other than Chanel’s Chance au Tendre. It’s the perfect blend of fruity and sweet without being too sickly.   I always get the 1oz bottle and it lasts me exactly all summer long!

What are the swaps you make for the summer?

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Glossier fans rejoice! Beyoncé’s Grammy’s eye shadows have dropped



Remember that time at the Grammy’s when her majesty, the queen Beyoncé, wore an full face of Glossier and we all almost lost it because said face featured eyeshadows we couldn’t get our hands on? Yeah, ringing a bell? Welll time to rejoice because said shadows have officially dropped!





The product  is called the lidstar (how stereotypical-ly cool you guys!) and is basically a liquid pigment in a tube!

Lidstar lights up eyes with a wash of soft, glistening color that lasts all day. The effect comes from a delicate proportion of ultrafine multicolor pearls suspended with coated pigments in a buttery base for the silkiest, most blendable formula. To apply, dab doe foot applicator onto clean lids and use fingertips to shape. The cream dries down to a sheer veil, locking onto lids with no creasing (no need for primer). It’s one-step eye enhancement you can do every day.

It reminds me of the colorpop eye shadows but with a very handy dandy applicator! It fits right into their brand with the no muss no fuss one step shadow with no primer needed.

The tubes are $18 each which is pretty standard, but a they have a cool offer where you save $6 if you buy a duo!


This sounds right up my alley as I’m eyeing up  Herb a smoky green with yellow gold pearl and Fawn a cool smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls. Top 2  shades below.


Welp, you know how it goes. Heading to the showroom after work and handing over some coins to Emily.


How about you guys? Are you getting tired of the Glossier launches? Or keep em coming???

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Favorite red lipsticks: dark skin

As a beauty junkie that bought her first bullet of Ruby Woo at age 17, finding the perfect red lipstick is a topic I feel extremely passionate about.

I have tried so many of the red lipsticks out there that I could fill a cube with the amount of red lipsticks I own. I however scaled it all down and have curated for you guys below, the top three red lipsticks that I can’t live without


3)Mac:  Ruby Woo 



I bet a lot of you are surprised that this isn’t #1 but let me explain. Although I do love a dry immovable MATTE lipstick, Ruby Woo just sucks too much moisture out of my life.  Hence, the #3 spot. It is I believe the #1 red in terms of sales in the U.S and for good reason! It suits so many women of different skin tones and has been touted as the universal red by Mac itself. At $17.50, it also can’t be beaten and also lasts a long time on the lips. I’ll always love this lipstick for being my first ever statement lip and for being so universally flattering.


2) Chanel La Fascinante 

ASHLEY M LA FASCIs162380_xlarge.jpg


I’d been on the hunt for a true blue red lipstick and this one is truest blue red lipstick I’ve been able to find in the market. It also has a soft velvet finish that makes it feel comfortable all day long. I love it because it doesn’t look orange at all on my skin tone and doesn’t fill into any cracks or lip wrinkles you may have. The $37 tag is a little steep for a lipstick, but the gorgeous package kind of makes up for it


1) Sephora creamy lip stain: Always Red

13_Monica_Verloz_CreamLipStain_ 01_Desktop2_RT51zFUic+BJL._SY550_


My favorite red lipstick HAS to be the $14 Sephora liquid lipstick. It feels so light when you put it on, yet lasts all day without feeling dry/tight which for a liquid lipstick is miraculous. It’s not too orange and not too blue but the perfect Goldilocks red. I bought my first tube senior year of college and have repurchased 2 since then which is saying a lot, as the tube has a lot of product. I simply just love how bright the red is.

What are your ride/die red lipsticks?

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Top 5: Eyeliners



5. NYX slide on eye liner

This is a great eyeliner if you’re in between paychecks and can’t justify that $57 Tom Ford eyeliner (yikes!). It’s really smooth and easy to apply, and at $8 can’t be beat! It really reminds me of the Urban 24/7 and just feels a little bit less “glide-ey” than the cult 24/7 liner.


4. Laura Geller gel liner

I received this in an allure beauty box and I LOVED IT! It was so so so dark on me which as an ebony skinned women, was miraculous! I’d tried sooo many “super pigmented” black eyeliners before this and never found them to be as pigmented. I tried rebuying it  and making it a staple and found the $20 price tag just a tad too steep at the time ( I was a broke college student y’all). I am however going back to this and can’t wait to have super pigmented kohl lined lids!

2798304_fpx.tif.jpg3. Urban Decay 24/7 glide on

This $20 eyeliner is one of the most popular eyeliners in the beauty community and for good reason! Like the name suggests, it lasts a really long time and glides on very smoothly. The only negative I have about this is that the other colors in the range aren’t as smudge proof. I highly recommend the black shade (perversion), as it’s highly pigmented and lasts forever on the lids.


2. Benefit Push up liner

This uber famous liner which had one of the best launch marketing strategies (in my humble opinion) is phenomenal!! I fell in love with it in my quest to master winged liner and it was the best decision ever! The tip which was created to help make creating winged liners easier is so helpful. I used to wear the best, fiercest, thickest cat eyes when I wore this every day. The only downside to this liner is the amount of product that comes out each time you twist the bottom. It’s so long lasting g and so dark and I honestly don’t know why I’m not currently using it!


url.jpg1. Wet N Wild

THIS! I found this eyeliner so randomly on a comment on a random beauty post and haven’t looked back since. I wish I could remember the person who mentioned this because I’d treat her to the best overpriced brunch ever! This $3 liner is so pigmented and so easy to use, it’s honestly such a surprise that it’s not a cult favorite. It’s also TRULY waterproof and lasts until you grab that eye makeup remover and swipe it off. I love the ease of the wand which makes creating delicate cat eyes so easy. I love this so much and hope some of you try it and love it as much as I do because at $3, it’s honestly a steal!!!

What are your favorite eyeliners?

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The only celeb makeup launch I’ll be buying-Fenty Beauty

Fenty beauty launched yesterday and yes, I did stay up to make sure I got my hands on the products in case they sold out.

This launch took two years to create and according to the creator aka Rihanna, ” Gotta represent for all the girls that come in all shades”. The line features 16 products with the standout being the ‘Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation’ which comes in a standout 40 shades!!!

For a launch to have 40 foundation shades is outstanding. 3 of the darkest shades were already sold out with the testers broken so so I can’t confirm my shade until my goodies get to me on Monday!

The second standout of the launch is the ‘Gloss bomb universal’ which as the name suggests is a universal lipgloss! It’s only $18 and is a beautiful shimmering rose nude. This was featured in one of the sneak peek videos on RiRi’s Insta where she features such a conglomeration of diverse models! Fractured in the video sporting the gloss are Duckie Thot- a gorgeous Sudanese model heating up NYFW at the moment. She also features Slick Woods with the beautiful signature gap tooth and also Halima Aden who made waves as the first Hijab model to walk the designer runways.

Other noteworthy items in the launch include a mattifying primer, the Killawatt highlighter (best name ever!), and the match stix.

I’m so happy with everything to do with this launch and can’t wait to give a full review when I receive my products!!!

I’m especially happy that so many people of colour were featured in the marketing. I loved Rihanna before but I absolutely adore her after this launch.
Go buy FENTY
Go buy it!

NARS: Top picks

NARS has been a favorite of mine as far as luxury makeup brands go and I have a staple number of products that I always repurchase. In this new series called Crème de la crème, I’ll be sharing the best of from a certain brand. Keep reading for my favorite NARS products below. Continue reading “NARS: Top picks”

Top 5 Summer Foundations

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DE SLICK! Best Mattifying Primers

As summer is right around the corner, I’ve had a clear out of my makeup drawer and have since put away all the hydrating products and replaced them with mattifying ones. Post clear out, I went on a mission to find the best mattifying primer and I’m glad to report that I have found the one! Continue reading “DE SLICK! Best Mattifying Primers”


I’ve always had a love affair with lipstick. This affair has however dramatically changed ever since I moved to Brooklyn.

It all started at the Mac counter when I went in to make use of my employee discount for the first time. I had already picked up everything that was on my list (fix plus, blot powder, night moth lip liner etc.) when I did a last look through their matte lipsticks and discovered ‘Instigator’. This lipstick which is a described as a “deep blackened plum” on the Mac website was the winter shade that I was yearning for. I already had Cyber, Rebel and Train Bleu by Nars in my arsenal but I couldn’t pass it up! I can describe instigator on people with ebony skin like myself as a deep plummy purple. It’s lighter than Cyber but not as purple as Heroine yet not as Berry as Rebel. In short it was filling a hole in my lipstick stash that I never knew I had!



Instigator with Nightmoth lip liner

Pairing it with night moth was perfection and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I have also been switching it up on weekends when I’m not in the office with even darker shades in the form of matte liquid lipsticks such as Colourpop’s Guess and Lax.

Guess by Colourpop
Lax by Colourpop

I have now completely embraced the fact that I am one of those people who will wear dark berry lipstick in all kinds of weather.

Guess, Zipper,Silhouette,Tulle, Limbo, Kapow

Which are some of you favorite autumnal lipstick shades?