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So today was kind of a great day. Not only did I get to meet two women who I deeply admire within the beauty industry, I also got so many great luxury deluxe beauty samples!

So, the online destination for all beauty trends and news, has a collaboration with Nordstrom in the form of a pop up beauty lab!


This was such an innovative idea and leave it to the fabulous gals at Byrdie to execute such a stunning pop up. You walk in to a “lab”, curated with the best of the best brands, laid out to be played with on beautiful tables. They are merchandised by hair, fragrance and makeup and you get tons of space to move around and try out brands you won’t normally find in stores.

I walked in and the nicest man explained to me the layout and the concept,   gave me an empty canvas tote, and told me to have at it (with the caveat of 1 sample per person 🙂 ).


The first table I went to was the essence table and I was so happily surprised to find a La Mer sample underneath the table!




I then walked over to the hair table where I played with so many of the different brands that Nordstrom carries. I tried the invisible oil by Bumble, and the Devacurl defying butter.



I then went to the foundation table and had to stop myself from getting matched for the Kevin Aucoin foundation. From what I swatched on my hand, it’s a super matte full coverage foundation. I loved it and would’ve accepted getting matched and getting a sample but this was the moment I noticed Faith and Devin from Byrdie, casually hanging out, ready to impart some of their editorial beauty wisdom to people checking out the popup!!!



I completely fan girled over Faith and got a mini sneak peek on her upcoming must have products video. She was so lovely and we had such a great chat over all things beauty.

We then walked over to to the fragrance table and Faith introduced me to some new Fragrances with Sandalwood! I completely fell in love in Santal Carmine by Atelier Cologne and bagged a sample!



I also checked out the gorgeous wall of lipsticks and got to finally try the winkylux lip balm!




I ended at the makeup color table and had an absolute ball swatching all the highlighters in the world.



IMG_1196.jpgThe pop up is in lower Manhattan for anyone in New York. It’s open from 12-7pm with master classes during the evenings and ends on the 15th of December! If you’re in the city, check out the calendar of classes here!



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