Best foundations and brands for dark skin

Finding my foundation shade was always a struggle. Three years post the Fenty takeover, and I have more than enough foundation shade to match every part of my face. While this is great for women who share my complexion, it bears to remember that this wasn’t always the case. When I first wanted to buy foundation nine years ago, there were only a handful of brands that were catering to women of deeper skin tones. I wanted to share the brands that I personally have history with who create the best foundations for dark skin tones and from my experience in the beauty industry, who’ve been thinking of women who look like me for years. Before and after the 50 foundation shade era.

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +

This was my first prestige foundation and it was also the best beauty associate experience I’ve ever had. The lady who’d helped me, then a 19 year old makeup newbie, took me through all the brands that had my shade and matched me perfectly. It was the best match I’d ever had with the most perfect finish It’s a matte foundation, but it’s not too trying and has a soft matte finish. Highly recommend for summers and for anyone who has a tough time finding that perfect shade match.

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Bare Minerals Bare Pro

This is my favorite powder foundation and I’ve replenished it multiple times! It never feels heavy or cakey which is hard for powder foundations and always leaves a luminous finish. It also comes in so many deep shades that you’re bound to find your shade. Also, BM was one of the first brands to have an extensive foundation shade.

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Too Faced Born this way foundation

This foundation has such a great coverage! It is also extra special due to the fact that the deeper extended shades were co created by Jackie Aina who’s always been a champion for inclusive shades within foundation launches. If you like a beat with the highest coverage imaginable, pick this up.

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Lancôme Teinte Idole Ultra

Lancôme has ALWAYS been inclusive. They, along with Mac were the only major brands that had a shade range for dark skin tones in department stores. I got my first seven day trial at Macy’s a few days before my prom, and years later I’m still replenishing. I prefer the stick version of the foundation but the liquid lasts much longer. Another reason why I love this foundation is due to the fact their main spokesperson is Lupita Nyongo. I love Lupita and everything she represents so I’m always happy to support all of her brand partnerships. Fun fact, I wear the same foundation shade as Lupita!

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Mented Foundation Stick

It has been a pleasure to see this brand thrive! The brand was founded by women of colour and they created their products to fit any skin tone. This foundation is so easy to put on and so easy to blend into the skin. I highly recommend this if you love foundation sticks and if you want to support some badass women who want all women, from light to tan to dark skin tones, feel like they have makeup that actually works for their complexions!

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I have a lot of experience with this brand and can vouch for some groundbreaking things they’ve done to cater to women of all skin tones! This foundation is highly pigmented and really covers any blemishes! I highly recommend if you love matte full coverage foundations.

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What are some of your favorite brands for a flawless base?

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