Best beauty products in the industry

After five years of working in the industry, I’ve seen A LOT of products. So much so that whenever I get asked “what’s your favorite beauty product?” I can’t narrow it down to even five! For that reason, I made this list of my favorite iconic and best selling beauty products that never disappoint!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I recently started working on this brand at work and finally decided to try this cult favorite foundation! Four weeks later and it hasn’t disappointed! I know the price tag is a little steep, so try the new travel size which is half the cost and perfect for anyone like myself who’s in between shades!

Biologique recherche lotion P50. There’s never a list of top-rated skincare items where this toner isn’t included! It’s a staple in most dermatologists’ product arsenals for a reason. I finally tried this toner in 2019 but the price tag had me running back to my The Ordinary toner after I finished the bottle. It did leave my skin changed like all beauty editors claimed which is why I always recommend it to anyone looking for a potent toner.

Nars radiant creamy concealer. Like the ring in Tolkien’s series, this is the one concealer to rule them all! Again, this is one of my brands but it’s truly worth the hype! It’s creamy and gives the perfect coverage for all your concealing needs. It’s also held the top spot in the market for years and no dupe can match it.

SK-II Essence. I used to scoff at friends who would tout how incredible this essence was until I finally tried it for myself! I got a holiday edition value set which made the price tag worth it and it did not disappoint. Unlike other essences, I can use it throughout the year and it never feels sticky! I also added clarity to my skin that I haven’t experienced with other essences. If you’re looking for a lightweight but powerful serum/toner, this is the essence for you!

Mac mineralize skin finish powder. This was a holy grail powder in the 2000s and still reigns due to the luminous finish it gives! Before baking and reverse contouring and setting were all the rage, this powder was killing it and does! I use it to set my T zone and it keeps it matte without looking cakey. If you’re afraid of setting powder because of the over matte look, try the MSF for the signature glowy finish.

La Mer soft cream. I’ve already touted this cream here and had to include on this list as I’ve never used a moisturizer that kept my oil in check. It’s a bestseller for a reason even though the price is eye-watering. If you have the coins, get this moisturizer!

Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. I know we have an overabundance of spritzes in the market but this is still the head spray in charge! I’ve seen so many amazing demos and uses of the product that I no longer get tempted by other brands. If you’re oily and want an even more mattifying finish, try the new “ultra-matte” version.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum. If I had no spending guilt, I would have this serum on rotation all year round. However, the $166 price tag means that I’ve only bought this once after years of reading about how it was the creme de la creme of all serums. It truly is the best serum I’ve ever tried and I recommend it to anyone who wants a potent multi tasting Vitamin C serum.

ABH brow whiz. This inconspicuous pencil is to thank for many of the flawless brows out there. The tapered tip and long-lasting formula is unbeatable aven after years of stiff competition in the market. I’ve strayed a few times to other brands but always come back to my tried and true brow whiz in Ebony for a reason.

Beauty blender. I used to HATE using sponges to apply makeup as I love my brushes and I felt all these sponges did was soak up my foundation and make one more mess in my makeup routine. All that changed when I finally bought an actual beauty blender and not a copy version. It applies much more seamlessly and truly is worth the hype.

Laura Mercier setting powder. I never believed all the hype surrounding this powder until I tried the darker version. I instantly became a convert and use this for days where I want that extra brightened under eye. It also works for an overall face setting powder and never leaves a flashback!

Le Labo Santal 33. Anyone who knows me has heard me sing praises about le labo. I love a lot of their scents but I always come back to Santal 33 because of my obsession with Sandalwood and cedarwood. I’ve tried many dupes like Book from Commodity or No 4 Bois de Balincourt and none have come close to the lasting power or scent complexity! If you’re looking for a long lasting fall scent and love warm spicy scents, get this! 

Any holy grail beauty products you always recommend?

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