BeautyCon NYC 2017!

It honestly was very different to what I was expecting and I enjoyed every minute of it! I got to see and even meet some of my favorite beauty vloggers and even got to breathe the same air as Gabrielle Union for a few hours!

Makeup By Mario class, without the price tag!20170520_131413

 This was one of my favorite parts about the event. Makeup by Mario classes retail for $500-upwards! I was so happy to see him and happily absorbed the main tip he gave which is to always stay classic with your makeup irregardless of all the trends.**ehem, holographic unicorns ehem ***


Monica from Monicastylemuse was such a doll! She was so nice and sweet and she said I smelled Nice 🙈

Khoudia Diop looked amazing at the seventeen booth. It was great to see so many different kinds of beauty being celebrated. She looked effervescent 


I discovered a makeup brand that I’d never heard of before at the event!  A J Crimson. They have a grand opening in the City later this month and I’ll be picking up some things to review!


Entered a bunch of giveaways

20170524_200800Stood in line for an insane amount of time for a unicorn that wasn’t free 20170524_200821Got some free lip oils at the Clarin’s truck



Basked in the presence of Gabrielle Union. 44 never looked so good. Plus she has a haircare line out: FLAWLESS20170520_142316

I pretended to be back in Paris 20170520_123905

All in all, beautycon was pretty great. 

Have you ever been?

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