Beauty Box Review: Curlkit natural hair beauty box

Ever since my big chop, I’ve been on the hunt for hair products that can keep my mini fro manageable. I’ve however noticed that natural hair products carry a hefty price tag and there’s no way to know if a product will work for my specific hair type, which is 4C (or 4Z as I like to call it). I looked to natral hair blogs for a remedy to this situation and found out about the curlkit box.This is one of the more popular natural hair boxes, the other being curlbok and I immediately ofcourse subscribed. I finally received my first box today and took a few pictures while unboxing and wanted to give a quick pre-review of the box concerning customer service and first impression of the box.

Love the box design!
Love the box design!
Leaflet about mother's day
Leaflet about mother’s day
4 products are from a line called ‘4 naturals’ in reference to the four types of natural hair
Reconstructive conditioner, curl lotion, curly wave serum, daily leave in treatment

IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1904

The box arrived way earlier  than I expected and I was ECSTATIC to find FOUR yes FOUR full sized products. These four products are a perfect startup kit for anyone with a new chop. It has a conditioner, curl definer, curl enhancer and a leave in. I’m so excited to try these products out and will be sure to post a review after two weeks.

Are you guys subscribed to any beauty boxes? I’m also thinking of subscribing to curlbox at the end of the summer and also to birchbox.

Here’s an update picture on my tenny weeny fro 🙂

TWA after a quick wash and go
TWA after a quick wash and go


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