All about that Glow…Recipe

I’ve started using the new glow recipe toner for the glass skin glow that the skincare community is currently obsessed with and I’m in awe! The toner is not only a hydrating powerhouse but also helps tighten pores! This is due to the actives in the toner (PHAs and BHAs) which are gentle but very effective! This is my first time using a PHA and I’m a complete convert. I was married to my Glycolic acid toner (an AHA) but it unfortunately damaged my skin barrier due to overuse leading to a bad breakout. PHAs are however gentle enough to be used everyday!

It also has the most unique texture due to the watermelon and cactus extracts and makes me feel like I’m playing in art class! This bouncy texture however helps my skin for the rest of my skincare routine. I followed the brand’s recommendation and apply morning and night by putting the product directly on my hands and patting gently into my face.

On freshly washed skin post nighttime routine

The best part about this toner is the incredible scent. It’s a cross between a watermelon starburst and a cucumber drink and I love it! I also know most of my oily gals will be wary of using a product that’s meant to make you glow but TRUST ME, this does NOT add that greasy shine. It never leaves my skin feeling tight for that final reason, has HG status on my skincare shelf.I highly recommend!

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Are there any glass skin products you’ve tried that ended up blowing away?

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