Black Friday Beauty buys

I promised myself that this black Friday I’d be doing nothing more than competitive shopping…It’s now 9:41 pm and I’m anxiously awaiting all the three packages of beauty goodies I bought online during the Black Friday discount.

The honest truth in the spirit of sustainability and being fiscally responsible, is that I really didn’t need more beauty products. Working in beauty means that I’m very lucky to sometimes get free launches. I still get tempted by new brands that we don’t carry and that’s how my justification for my Black Friday purchases came to.

Beauty Bakerie, Flesh beauty, dose of colors. These were the main culprits with hard to resist deals of 30% off during Black Friday. I bought lip products from all three brands and can’t wait to share my thoughts!!

I’m extremely excited about the lip whip from beauty bakerie as I’ve heard nothing but good things from the brand.

Dose of colors supposedly has the best liquid lip formula so I’ll also report on that. And the flesh beauty lipstick won an allure best in beauty award within months of launching so you know I had to pick it up!!

Hang tight for a review of all three!

Did you guys indulge in the Black Friday sale?

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