Favorite red lipsticks: dark skin

As a beauty junkie that bought her first bullet of Ruby Woo at age 17, finding the perfect red lipstick is a topic I feel extremely passionate about.

I have tried so many of the red lipsticks out there that I could fill a cube with the amount of red lipsticks I own. I however scaled it all down and have curated for you guys below, the top three red lipsticks that I can’t live without

3)Mac:  Ruby Woo 



I bet a lot of you are surprised that this isn’t #1 but let me explain. Although I do love a dry immovable MATTE lipstick, Ruby Woo just sucks too much moisture out of my life.  Hence, the #3 spot. It is I believe the #1 red in terms of sales in the U.S and for good reason! It suits so many women of different skin tones and has been touted as the universal red by Mac itself. At $17.50, it also can’t be beaten and also lasts a long time on the lips. I’ll always love this lipstick for being my first ever statement lip and for being so universally flattering.

2) Chanel La Fascinante 

ASHLEY M LA FASCIs162380_xlarge.jpg

I’d been on the hunt for a true blue red lipstick and this one is truest blue red lipstick I’ve been able to find in the market. It also has a soft velvet finish that makes it feel comfortable all day long. I love it because it doesn’t look orange at all on my skin tone and doesn’t fill into any cracks or lip wrinkles you may have. The $37 tag is a little steep for a lipstick, but the gorgeous package kind of makes up for it

1) Sephora creamy lip stain: Always Red

13_Monica_Verloz_CreamLipStain_ 01_Desktop2_RT51zFUic+BJL._SY550_


PC 1 2 345

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