A moment for glycolic acid

In my skincare regimen, the most common ingredient you’ll find is glycolic acid. This stems from my obsession with having an even skin tone. I don’t have any major qualms with my face/skin in respect to texture, puffiness, redness (ha! 😂), but the one issue that keeps resurfacing is unevenness. Conquering this will I believe take me to the status of having “great skin”.

Hyperpigmentation is common for people of my skin tone. The number one cause is lack of use of sunscreen which causes your skin to get darker in some parts. Mine are my forehead and chin. My cheeks and the space between mu nose and top lip are also a shade lighter. This makes choosing a foundation shade very difficult. I rarely want to go a shade darker as it makes my cheeks look dirty ot smudged.

Because of this, I consistently use glycolic acid which is one of the best topical ways to help even skin tone. I use glycolic peels, acids, cleansers and scrubs. My favorite way to use it is with toners since they stay on the skin as opposed to being rinsed off. If you’re interested in adding glycolic acid to your routine, look below for some of my favorite glycolic acid products!

1 Pixi glycolic acid toner (5%) $22

2 Nip + Fab glycolic fix scrub (3%)$8.99

3 The Ordinary Glycolic acid toner (7%) $9.80


4 Pixi glow peel pads (20%) $22

5 Nip + Fab glycolic acid cleanser (3%) $8.99

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