Allure Beauty Box Review

The reason I was inspired to subscribe to another beauty box was due to the fact that I felt completely bored of my current beauty routine and wanted a change. I didn’t want to buy full sized products that i wasn’t sure about so i decided to once again try a beauty subscription. The allure beauty box was the best choice for me as I felt they were already leaders in recommending beauty products due to their annual allure beauty awards which I always anticipate. The box did not disappoint and I happily renewed my subscription!  The box is $15 and each box comes with 5 curated product samples of varying sizes.You can however save $5 on your first box with the code 5FORYOU

In my first box I got:

A mini benefit roller lash mascara
A deluxe sample size of the juice beauty moisturizer
A full size of a Cargo lip gloss in the color Madrid
A deluxe size of an Oscar Blandi hairspray
And a full sized Malin & Goetz lip balm.





My favorite item in this box has to be the mini benefit roller lash mascara. I’d heard a lot of hype about this product and was about to bite the bullet and buy it when I received it in this box. I was ecstatic!

I gifted this to a friend as I am natural and wouldn’t have been needing it any time soon!
I was in desperate need of a new moisturizer so I was ecstatic when I saw this. It is not my favorite moisturizer in the world though, as I prefer ones with SPF. It is a natural/organic product so I am excited to be giving it a spin and I’m excited to see what changes it brings to my skin.

My second favorite was the lip balm which ticked off all my requirements that a lip balm should fulfill. It is moisturizing, it applies easily. It smells great, and it lasts hours on my lips!

This was my third favorite item as the shade was perfect for my dark skin tone! I’d also heard rave reviews for this product line but had never had the opportunity to test any of their products out. An added bonus and the biggest reason why I loved this was the fact that I’d gotten a full size instead of a sample size!


All in all I loved this allure beauty box because it provided me with products I desperately wanted at a certain point in time. Also the quality of the items were way better than I was expecting as all the products I received were well known brands that weren’t drugstore priced. I highly recommend it!

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